Implant-Supported Dentures in Fort Myers, FL 

Are you suffering from the effects of worn-down, decayed, or lost teeth? At Viruet Periodontics, our custom full-arch implant-supported dentures are a top solution for patients suffering from tooth loss or damage. Dr. Reyes-Viruet uses only the highest-quality implants and materials to craft tooth replacement solutions designed to help patients regain the optimal function and chewing power of natural teeth.

Why Get Dentures from Viruet Periodontics?

Our removable and implant-supported dentures are designed to help patients avoid the mess, discomfort, and health risks associated with traditional dentures. Viruet Periodontics provides the top dentures near Fort Myers, FL, because each tooth replacement solution is provided by our in-house dental implant specialist, Dr. Reyes-Viruet, who has become known for her surgical expertise.

Dr. Reyes-Viruet cares for each patient with a deep understanding of the biological mechanisms by which gums and bone function. She is well qualified to custom-craft a full or partial tooth replacement solution that fits any case, even complex ones!

A Brand-New Smile

At Viruet Periodontics, implant-supported dentures can help return the confidence to your beautiful smile! If lost or missing teeth are preventing you from eating the foods you love or achieving optimal oral health, contact us for your dentures consultation! Your new teeth will be custom-crafted for your needs from the highest quality acrylic, porcelain, or zirconium materials.

Snap-In Dentures 

Patients looking for an efficient, budget-friendly solution for fixing their new teeth in place often choose implant-supported, snap-in dentures.

Dr. Reyes-Viruet places two to four implants for each arch, along with dentures that have special attachments that allow them to snap on and off the implants. While the snap function allows patients to remove their dentures with ease, the implants provide durability, keeping them place to maintain optimal chewing function.

Fixed Implant-Retained Dentures

For the greatest stability and most lifelike function, Dr. Reyes-Viruet provides permanently fixed dentures supported by luminous dental implants. Often referred to as “hybrid” dental implants, this dentures option is the closest to having real teeth!

For this treatment, four to six implants are placed in the upper or lower arch, where a set of new teeth is then attached. At Viruet Periodontics, out fixed dentures are designed to give patients all the strength and chewing power of natural teeth.

Your Dentures Consultation

Implant-supported dentures are designed to restore the confidence to your beautiful smile and the ability to once again eat the foods patients love or need to be healthy. The new teeth can be made out of acrylic, porcelain or zirconium. Dr. Reyes-Viruet can explain the differences and benefits of each in a consultation.

How Much Do Removable Dentures Cost? 

Your total out-of-pocket dentures cost will mostly depend on the following:

  • Your dental insurance coverage
  • Your selected dentures system
  • If you require any preliminary treatment

At Viruet Periodontics, we are committed to working with every patient to provide quality treatments at fair, honest pricing. We even file claims with all dental insurance PPOs.

If you're uninsured or need extra help financing your dentures, we offer no-interest and low-interest monthly payment plans, too!

Schedule Your Dentures Consultation Today! 

Are you ready for a brand new smile? You don't have to live with the effects of tooth loss! Call Viruet Periodontics to schedule your dentures consultation today.

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